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Explore the breadth of our craftsmanship with John Romans Construction's diverse portfolio. From modernizing outdated spaces to constructing bespoke residences, each project showcases our commitment to quality, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. Dive into our collection of transformations and envision the potential for your own space.


In this transformative project, John Romans Construction elevated a standard kitchen by opening up the ceiling, introducing a blend of architectural finesse and practicality. Our attention to detail extended beyond the kitchen, enhancing the coffee bar and laundry room, marrying everyday living with high-end design. Experience the blend of functionality and style in this unique space.

Butterfly Bath



John Romans Construction transformed a once cramped home into a spacious haven with custom storage solutions full of character. By extending the kitchen into underutilized areas, we created a functional masterpiece featuring two islands, a bespoke bar, and a convenient pass-through to the dining room. Enhanced visibility and exquisite details in the dining area now enrich the home's overall ambiance. Explore the harmony of space and design in this enhanced living environment.


John Romans Construction breathed new life into this century-old home with a comprehensive remodel. By adding a second-story master suite and reimagining the existing spaces, we crafted a home that combines historical charm with modern family functionality. Discover the seamless blend of old and new in this revitalized space.

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